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Melbourne Rapid Fields (MRF) - An award winning new take on perimetery

What is visual field testing (perimetry)?

Visual field testing plays a crucial role in the management of glaucoma, a progressive eye disease that can lead to irreversible vision loss if left untreated. Assessing a patient's visual field helps ophthalmologists and optometrists monitor the progression of glaucoma, adjust treatment plans, and make informed decisions about patient care. It enables early detection of vision loss, helping to prevent further damage and maintain a better quality of life for patients. The Melbourne Rapid Fields visual field test software represents a groundbreaking advancement in this field. By offering online-based visual field testing, it makes the visual field testing much more accessible. With the Award winning MRF (Melbourne Rapid Fields) system, Visual field can be performed on any portable device such as a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. It increases the efficiency and portability of visual field testing in clinic. By using web based technology patients can also conveniently undergo these tests from the comfort of their homes. This revolutionary technology not only aids in improving patient compliance but also allows for real-time data analysis, enabling faster intervention when needed, ultimately leading to more effective glaucoma management and better outcomes for patients.

Melbourne Rapid Fields (MRF) is designed for clinic based and home-monitoring of vision problems caused by the following conditions:

- Glaucoma

- Age-related macular degeneration

- Macular oedema from diabetes or retinal vein occlusion

- Diabetic retinopathy

- Neurological conditions that affects the visual field (including multiple sclerosis, optic neuritis)

MRF software is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia as a perimetry device.

MRF is meticulously designed to perform vision and visual field testing on portable tablet devices for the purpose of:

1. Allowing patients to monitor vision at home and

2. Allowing doctors/optometrists/general practitioners to perform visual field tests (perimetry) for patients in the clinic.

MRF is currently suitable for most iPad devices and web-based app is suitable for most desktop or laptop devices

Example visual field test reports from MRF

Paracentral scotoma
Mild glaucoma
Moderate glaucoma
Moderate glaucoma
Advanced glaucoma
Macular 10-2 field
Progression Analysis
Import tests from other machines (eg. Humphrey Field Analyzer) for comparison

About us

GLANCE Optical was founded in 2015 by Professor Algis Vingrys and A/Prof George Kong.

Professor Vingrys has extensive experience in vision testing and has acted as a consultant for several companies (Medmont International, Matrix) in perimeter design and vision test development.

A/Prof Kong is an ophthalmologist registered with Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists with glaucoma subspecialty interest and extensive knowledge in glaucoma research.

Our company specialises in the design, testing and implementation of vision related software for portable devices.

Our mission is to design products that are:

  1. Clinically validated and portable
  2. Suitable for patients to monitor their own vision at home
  3. Suitable for doctors/optometrists/general practitioners to perform vision testing in clinic.

Contact us today.

For Australian and New Zealand customers please contact Designs for Vision T: 1800 225 307 Email: iggie@dfv.com.au

GLANCE Optical Pty Ltd. ACN: 610200783 ABN: 27 610 200 783