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Test credits purchased can be used for both iPad and for online versions of the MRF software.

Items for purchase:

For usage credits

MRF Test approximate cost $13 / test
MRF 60 tests packs Contact us
MRF 120 tests packs Contact us
Larger MRF test packs are available Please contact mailadmin@glance-optical.com.au for purchase of credits.

For Australian and New Zealand customers please contact Designs for Vision
T: 1800 225 307
Email: cameron.loveless@dfv.com.au

Send your expression of interest to purchase

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the use of the Viewing box is not recommended and can be purchased separately for $200 in the future upon conclusion of the pandemic.


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Example visual field test reports from MRF

1 / 5
2 / 5
Paracentral scotoma
3 / 5
Mild glaucoma
4 / 5
Moderate glaucoma
5 / 5
Advanced glaucoma